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Bay leaves, also known as bay laurel is a herb that has many health benefits but did you know that they are an extremely useful manifestation tool?  Not only is it useful for manifestation but it can be used for protection, cleansing , attracting prosperity & assisting in psychic development.

Bay leaf rituals can be used at anytime but they are especially powerful on new moons & full moons which is a great time to set your intentions. Bay leaves are easy to find because they are sold at most grocery stores. They are also easy to grow if you have a garden.

In order to manifest your wants, wishes or desires, write what you wanna attract on a bay leaf. For example, if you wanna attract money write the amount you want on a bay leaf. Once you do that take your time to focus your energy & utilize visualization on what your manifesting. You must feel and visualize receiving what you are asking for & be open to receive it. There is no specific time limit to do this, use your intuition. Once you feel you set your intention to the universe you can then burn the bay leaf. Watch the smoke clear as the bay leaf carries your wishes out into the universe.

You can also tuck bay leaves in your wallet if you’re interested in manifesting money. You can write whatever you want on the bay leaf and carry it in your wallet or purse.


Not only is this herb great for manifesting , you can use it for protection. It is great to burn with sage to clear your energy field. You can use it to cure your anxiety and fear by writing your fears or worries on a leaf then burning it as a way of release. Once again, new moons, full moons & eclipse energies are the best time to use these tools.


Another great use of bay leaves is the use of it to increase psychic abilities. If you place a bay leaf under your pillow it will help with your ability to recall your dreams. Bay leaves can increase all psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance etc… It also assists with promoting visions & vivid dreams. If you work as a psychic or tarot reader, the use of bay leaves can also increase the accuracy of the messages you receive & provide to your clients. As a reader you can hold it or burn it to get this benefit.

These are a few ways to use bay leaves. It’s amazing how such a simple herb can have so many uses. Do you have a bay leaf ritual you use? If so, how does it work for you? Next time you’re grocery shopping don’t hesitate to pick up some bay leaves & try to manifest.