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Bay leaves, also known as bay laurel is a herb that has many health benefits but did you know that they are an extremely useful manifestation tool?  Not only is it useful for manifestation but it can be used for protection, cleansing , attracting prosperity & assisting in psychic development.

Bay leaf rituals can be used at anytime but they are especially powerful on new moons & full moons which is a great time to set your intentions. Bay leaves are easy to find because they are sold at most grocery stores. They are also easy to grow if you have a garden.

In order to manifest your wants, wishes or desires, write what you wanna attract on a bay leaf. For example, if you wanna attract money write the amount you want on a bay leaf. Once you do that take your time to focus your energy & utilize visualization on what your manifesting. You must feel and visualize receiving what you are asking for & be open to receive it. There is no specific time limit to do this, use your intuition. Once you feel you set your intention to the universe you can then burn the bay leaf. Watch the smoke clear as the bay leaf carries your wishes out into the universe.

You can also tuck bay leaves in your wallet if you’re interested in manifesting money. You can write whatever you want on the bay leaf and carry it in your wallet or purse.


Not only is this herb great for manifesting , you can use it for protection. It is great to burn with sage to clear your energy field. You can use it to cure your anxiety and fear by writing your fears or worries on a leaf then burning it as a way of release. Once again, new moons, full moons & eclipse energies are the best time to use these tools.


Another great use of bay leaves is the use of it to increase psychic abilities. If you place a bay leaf under your pillow it will help with your ability to recall your dreams. Bay leaves can increase all psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance etc… It also assists with promoting visions & vivid dreams. If you work as a psychic or tarot reader, the use of bay leaves can also increase the accuracy of the messages you receive & provide to your clients. As a reader you can hold it or burn it to get this benefit.

These are a few ways to use bay leaves. It’s amazing how such a simple herb can have so many uses. Do you have a bay leaf ritual you use? If so, how does it work for you? Next time you’re grocery shopping don’t hesitate to pick up some bay leaves & try to manifest.


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Raise your vibration*


You ever wondered why some people just tend to attract good things to them. That some people no matter their circumstances somehow find a way to get the things they want. Well, it may be their vibration. What do I mean?

Have you ever been around someone who is constantly negative and it brings down your mood? This can be someone who constantly brings up only the bad things that have happened to them to the point when good things happen they can barely recognize it. It can be draining and make you someone who is hard to be around for a long time. This person would be considered to have a low vibration. Don’t get me wrong, there are situations and circumstances that can put any of us in this energy at different points in our lives but it is really how we rise above it. I do not judge or fault people because it can be difficult.

Let’s look at the other side of the spectrum. Some people just seem to have good things happen to them time and time again. Let’s take it a step further & look at those born into poverty. How can a single person born in a tough area become the one anomaly to make it to be successful? These people turn their misfortune into fortune. They adopt such a belief in themselves that they are able to overcome any adversity. That belief in self & positive thinking allows them to develop problem solving abilities that contribute to them accomplishing many of their goals or somehow always be “at the right place at the right time”. They don’t allow setbacks to knock them down to where they just accept their present situation if it’s not making them happy.

This is the difference between those who vibe high vs those who vibe low. Those who vibe low or stay stuck in that energy usually believe that good things don’t and can’t happen to or for them. When other people tell them their dreams they don’t believe it can happen. “My love life will always suck, no one can ever love me, I can never make it in that career” are things someone that is vibing low may say. These things then become true because you believe it and your behaviors will actually align to that vibration to keep those things true.  


How can you raise your vibration? There are different ways to raise your vibration but let’s start with self esteem. Self image and self esteem has to be worked on. That can be by working out, eating healthy, meditating, learning new hobbies,socializing more etc…  When you feel good about yourself it shows and brings more opportunities to you because people wanna be around you. Also, find people who have those qualities you desire.

“Find your Tribe.”

When you surround yourself with people who feel good and are vibing high you’re bound to feel the same. People who feel good about themselves usually have a way of making those they come in contact with also feel the same.


I understand the difficulty for some in seeing the sunshine especially if they were born or raised the opposite way but at some point we all need to take accountability for our own life. It is hard to face ourselves trust me, I understand. The past cannot be changed but the present and future is yours to create. Why not create something that makes you happy?

There are so many examples of people who were born in poverty stricken areas making it & turning their life around for the better. Why were they different than the people under the same circumstances? They were surrounded by people in the same conditions but their mentality allowed them to continue on into a happy fulfilling life.

Let’s all try to be more positive people & raise our vibrations.

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Visualization & Goal Setting*

Looking to manifest your dreams this year? Ready to finally go after that dream you wanted? Ready to start that Youtube channel or teach that class or open up that business? Well there’s no time but the present.


People set goals everyday but not everyone ends up following through with making sure they meet these goals. For example, you may ask someone where do they think they will be in 15 years and they will reply “I will be rich and traveling the world”. Now ask that same person how do they plan to get to this point and they are stuck. They do not know how they will do it. Someone who sets goals will be able to tell you what they will do to accomplish this goal whether it’s start their own business, invest a large percentage of their income, avoid unnecessary purchases etc.

I recommend having a long-term goal set that includes multiple short term goals along the way to assist you with accomplishing this goal.  Setting multiple goals along the way is beneficial because most people like to see quick results. How many people do you know that start a fitness plan but after two weeks because they only lose 2 lbs they give up. This is most of us because we want instant gratification. This is the culture we live in. To avoid giving up, I suggest setting short-term goals that can be met so you can feel like you are making progress towards the long-term goals you have.

Let’s say your goal is to save $100,000 in 5 years. If you are not a high earning individual who could save this amount in a lesser timeframe, I recommend breaking it down into saving smaller amounts of money in smaller time blocks. This will allow you to reach $100,000 by the end of that 5-year timeframe. This can entail setting aside a certain amount of money from each pay check you get to put into savings or investments over time to equal your goal.  If you don’t want to set exact numbers you can also create a chart with a list of steps to take to get you where you need to be. Please see chart below:

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 6.59.09 PM


This is just an example of how you can draw out a plan. I would recommend making your chart more in depth and creating a vision board. Place this vision board in an area that you will be forced to look at it every morning. If you see it every morning it will help keep you on the right track. What’s the point of setting goals then giving up on them continuously? Remember to take action , have a plan and work towards reaching each target.

“Keep setting short-term goals that will eventually help you meet your long-term goals. “



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Happy New Year.

Welcome to a New Year. Please explore the website and check out all the cool things the spirit guide offers.

There are forums available for you to interact with each other in regards to spirituality & products for sale.

Hope you guys have a great new year & please be on the lookout for a lot more content in 2020. Thank you for your ongoing support*

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Solar Eclipse New Moon Manifestation Energy*

New moons are great for manifesting & setting new intentions/goals. When this energy is also paired with eclipse energy it is even more intense. As we head into a new year and a new decade it is time to set those goals & intentions for the upcoming year or even the next decade.

”Ask and you shall receive”


The law of attraction has been talked about a lot over the years. It is the idea that our minds can create our reality. People can use law of attraction by repeating positive affirmations, making vision boards, journaling, visualization, candle magic and other outlets.  Asking the universe what you want and releasing it with the belief that it will happen is how many believe the law works.


On December 26,2019 we will experience a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn.  There are many positive aspects with this energy. The energy of an eclipse can last up to 6 months. Take this time to write down your goals, use meditation techniques and create what you want for your life going forward. The energy we’re in is really positive and can help us obtain abundance. Jupiter the planet of luck will be conjunct with the sun and moon & it is leading to major success in all aspects of our lives especially with career & our passions.


What do you want for your life going forward? Do you wanna start your own business? Do you want to take a new course?Do you want to take on new projects?

If so, now is the time to get started and make it happen. Luck is on your side according to the planets. What are some of your law of attraction or new moon rituals? Feel free to share below.

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Drop the dead weight

As we approach a new year & new decade, it’s time to re-evaluate the energy surrounding us. Are there any particular energies holding you back from being your best self? This energy you have to release may not be actual people, it can be your own low vibrational behavior hindering your path.

It’s time to level up. Take a look around you & ask yourself “am I happy or fulfilled?”. If not, that means you have work to do. If you don’t know where to start it’s time to invest in a journal & put pen to paper. What do you envision for yourself? Where did you see yourself being at this point in your life? What did you do or not do that stopped you from reaching that goal?

It’s time to take control of your life. This requires some deep reflection & internal work on your part but you got this. When we work on ourselves we attract the right energies & those people who align with our purpose show up.

*** Note from writer*** Please stay tuned for more posts to help with this process as you take your power back and work to upgrade your life .

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Episode 9- Boundaries

In this episode I discuss the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse and how to use this energy to create/ manifest your desires. I also discuss the importance of boundaries and how to set them. 

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Episode 8- Karmic Relationships

This episode focuses on those crazy karmic relationships. You know those unhealthy relationships that cause your emotions to go haywire? You experience passion, lust but also anger, pain & other extreme feelings all within 24 hours? This podcast goes over what it means to be in a karmic relationship and the signs to figure out if you are in one.

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Episode 7- Sexuality in Spirituality

In this episode I discuss how sexuality is a part of spirituality and the connection between the two. I look into how sex can be used as an awakening tool using Tantra.

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