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I am currently writing this blog on the day of the super full moon in Libra. I have decided to tweak my Full Moon ritual and thought I’d share with you all. Before I get into what that will entail I will get into my normal routine.

It is said by many that the Full Moon is a time to release and the New moon is a time to set new intentions and manifest. I personally utilize both moon cycles to set any new intentions I may have. I do this by looking up the exact time when the moon will be 100% full in my time zone. Then, I set my alarm clock that day about 10-15 minutes before the moon is at its peak. I have a small spiral notebook that I use to write down any goals or intentions I would like to set for that moon cycle. After, I take that piece of paper and fold it up and place it under a white candle. Once, under the white candle I light the candle and focus on the flame while focusing on my intentions. Sometimes, I’ll say affirmations and other times I meditate.

So you’re probably asking what am I adding to my current ritual? Well, the answer is FASTING.

I will now do a 24 hour fast every new or full moon. The fasting will include water or tea only. I’m using fasting for it’s spiritual benefits. There are many different reasons why people fast. Some do it for health/weight loss etc.. My focus is on the spiritual aspect. Fasting can help one attain a state of inner balance and harmony. Full Moons are known to heighten intuition, emotions & sensitivity. It is easy to feel a little more imbalanced during these particular moon cycles. I believe being in a more grounded state during this time will help me see things clearly and allow for my energy to be purified and cleansed. This will help any intention I send out into the universe. When it comes to manifestation being clear on what you want is the most important step to get your desired outcome. It is also important to allow yourself to let go and release your intentions with complete trust that the universe will work in your favor.

I plan to do more fasting going forward on other days but for now these times will be a staple in my moon rituals. I will most likely write a blog dedicated to spiritual fasting in the future.

Do you have a particular Full Moon or New Moon ritual you do? Is fasting something you do or interested in? Please let me know below.