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Getting What You Want -Chapter 3 excerpt
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Happy New Year.

Welcome to a New Year. Please explore the website and check out all the cool things the spirit guide offers.

There are forums available for you to interact with each other in regards to spirituality & products for sale.

Hope you guys have a great new year & please be on the lookout for a lot more content in 2020. Thank you for your ongoing support*

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Drop the dead weight

As we approach a new year & new decade, it’s time to re-evaluate the energy surrounding us. Are there any particular energies holding you back from being your best self? This energy you have to release may not be actual people, it can be your own low vibrational behavior hindering your path.

It’s time to level up. Take a look around you & ask yourself “am I happy or fulfilled?”. If not, that means you have work to do. If you don’t know where to start it’s time to invest in a journal & put pen to paper. What do you envision for yourself? Where did you see yourself being at this point in your life? What did you do or not do that stopped you from reaching that goal?

It’s time to take control of your life. This requires some deep reflection & internal work on your part but you got this. When we work on ourselves we attract the right energies & those people who align with our purpose show up.

*** Note from writer*** Please stay tuned for more posts to help with this process as you take your power back and work to upgrade your life .